The unintentionally funny story of @japhroiag

So the company that fired me in April kept me on as a contract employee. One of my biggest beefs was my CTO canceled all but a handful of talks, calls, appointments, etc.

On this new contract I have been working for two months under a different exec. For no pay. Guess what he does?

Cancels, cancels, cancels. I spent hours trying to call him, and he wouldn’t pick up. So I did the unthinkable.

I quit over text.

I feel so millennial now. He is a good person, but the culture there is toxic. And can I say I felt… Pleasure… In quitting over text since he wouldn’t actually talk to me?

This chapter in my life is done. For real. Now off to learn Russian (I’m not joking)


Doesn’t sound funny to me.

What kind of contract involves no pay for 2 months? And for the company that fired you? You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.


three months, paychecks were Net 30 :smile: . and it’s called moving goal posts, and me acquiescing. until now. and i will never see a penny from the work i already did.

KIDS, learn from my mistakes. don’t repeat them.


I foresee an evening of Rumchata in your near future!


etci horosho.



Can’t talk too much, but at the hospital with someone. Appendicitis or a cyst. I have no insurance. This may bankrupt me.

God i hope it is just an ulcer.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuucckkkkkk



Ugh! This turned unfunny too quickly.


Life just keeps giving you a kicking, eh?

Hang in there.

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This has been quite the few months.


As soon as you get out of this you should look into your own insurance for freelancers. COBRA possibly?


I have $5500 in the bank. My monthly burn rate is $2800. Cobra is $800 a month. I still have no income.

I may be tapping my 401k in the next 24 hours.

I’m kinda freaking out again :smile:


I wish I had something useful to say, but all I have are well wishes.

I hope that you are OK, and will be better than OK really soon. I also hope you have someone close by to give you a hug and get you a beer or some tea or a comforting beverage of your choice.


Dude, I am over here on another coast freaking out for you.

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One piece of good news. Very, very unlikely to be malignant cancer. But even non malignant can be painful as all get up. So that’s… Something?


Cobra? That still exists? Can you not get basic Obamacare with credits for having zero income?


I’m gonna check. I’ve had employer insurance all my life. Didn’t even occur to me.


So not a kidney stone then? Keeping my fingers crossed for just an ulcer (and you have had enough stress to do that it seems) as while those can be a bitch for pain at least there are plenty of OTC options for drugs these days. Keep well dude.


Not a stone. I get those, not her :smile:
Tests have been done, it’ll take a few days. If they come back inconclusive we go back for imaging.

Now,off to seek the mystical obamacare!


My girlfriend quit her job last year and has Obamacare/Medicaid which is better than my insurance. Actually, I have been paying out of pocket for my own insurance through Obamacare as the company I work for is located in another state and none of their insurance options work at all here (I tried it for a year and was hit by “balance billing”, something you want to avoid like the plague).

There’s some paperwork and time involved, so get started today. Like, today, Thursday, May 28th. Some of it is a hassle, but once you get it going it will take an enormous load off of your shoulders.


Shit. Sorry to hear that @japhroaig. And here I thought you were going to talk about how you were drinking 12 year old Laphroaig in what sounds like your fabuloso garden and someone dropped the J that was being passed and other stuff…

"I have mental joys and mental health,
Mental friends and mental wealth,
I’ve a wife that I love and that loves me;
I’ve all but riches bodily.
Wm. Blake—Mammon.

Had you in mind last night as I perused my sea of Lima beans, potatoes and pumpkins. Hang in there!