The video game cutting room floor

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Use an AI to figure out what the name would be if you had more bits? /s

I was a little surprised to see multiple entries (fnarr fnarr) for “Animal Crossing” in the censored for NSFW section.

Like WTF?

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I see no one found my SEG.BIN file in the XBLA version of Sam & Max: Save the World…

If / when someone does, please let me know.

Hmm I guess I thought the WHOLE The Shadow video game would be on there, as it was never released. But it does have an entry about compiler leftovers.

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Games that were partially/fully made and then never released is a whole other thing that’s almost impossible to document because of the whole “never released” aspect. “Cut” content is often still in the game, albeit inaccessible via normal play (and even when it’s not still there, there are clues and pointers suggesting what used to be there). But yeah, uncovering those stories would be really interesting, although a lot more work. Tracking down existing copies of unreleased games is very difficult, because you don’t know who has copies, if anyone - I got to see the unreleased version of Diablo 3 (which was literally a completely different game from what eventually got released by different developers), and that was only because a former programmer had his own copy, one of the few in existence. A lot of unreleased games get lost entirely when the studios shut down. You might be lucky to get a few screen shots.

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