The Weird of Wendy Pini

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How an an indie cartoonist faced down prudes, pain and the patriarchy.


9,600 words there y’all, put it on your reading lists


Looking forward to reading this through. One quick note:

At a convention in 1978, Wendy ran into the novelist Marion Zimmer Bradley, then a feminist icon, only to be met with cold and critical dismissal.

Some background on why Zimmer Bradley is no longer considered a feminist icon (or really a decent human being).


Is that why the rest of the blog page now has type so small I need my even stronger reading glasses to be able to read it? Or is it unconnected and just another BB style update/tweak?

Probably just CSS from the special feature treatment leaking into the blog view. I put in a cut that should fix it


Thx, Rob.


I loved that piece Rob, but I didn’t know where to find this comment thread until you linked it in another BBS discussion. I really enjoy reading your longer pieces when you post them, like this one and the one about your mother.

I was completely unaware of all of the stuff Wendy Pini had been going through. I saw a photo of her that Mark Evanier had posted from Comic-Con just recently and that was the first that I’d thought of her, Richard and ElfQuest in over a year.

Thanks for giving us a chance to read your latest piece.


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