The world's weirdest fruits


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Did any of them happen to have an extremely tall Brazilian girl standing in front of them?


Does anyone have the imgur link mentioned in the post? The link to reddit’s homepage wasn’t that helpful in tracking this down despite several searches on their site. :frowning: …and google image search isn’t turning up the imgur link either…sighs

@xeni - You can’t tell us about something like this and forget the links!!
(i saw this really cool thing, but you can’t see it! lol)
also there is mention of some sort of list? I’d love to get a good list of fruits to check off the one’s i’ve tried.

is there an indication of which of these fruits are edible by humans? are all the ones posted edible fruits? (because the world of fruits is much larger then just those that humans can eat.)

I’ve grown and eaten akebia fruit which is the bottom of the three pictures, the purple fruit, and am always on the lookout for new fruit to try. In fact I’m eating a grenadilla as I type this.

I recognize the Marang (cousin of the jackfruit) and the Black Sapote (chocolate persimmon), but what the heck is the splayed orange skin with black olives hanging from it??? :slight_smile:


“Some thoughtful internet person dumped a bunch of photos of exotic fruits on imgur.”

And some thoughtless internet person posted about it without bothering to include a link, or even label the sample pics.

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oh, that’s the Cthulhu Orange


The second one is a Chikoo, never miss it when I am in India. Sweet and juicy.Oh I am missing it.
The black sapota is another one I search for when I am there. Sweet and creamy.

No mention of durian yet? (which spellcheck doesn’t even recognize)

Put me in the “yes please” column.

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OMG. You, me, a roadside stand somewhere in southeast Asia…I’m buying. And a drink or two afterwards as well. That was the finest thing I have ever seen on the intertoobs.


Local fruits that I’ve collected and eaten in Maryland (and NY), grown wild and not available in stores. Pictures not taken by me. Note the last one is a wild gooseberry, not a Thornapple/jimson weed fruit, google for the difference. Jimson weed was toxic enough to mess up Hunter S. Thompson, it is not something humans should eat.


ground cherries are one of my favorites to grow in containers on my porch!!!
and don’t even get me started on how awesome homemade mulberry syrup is.
what are the spiky fruits?

(i also love elderberry syrup and we have gobs of wilder elderberry in my area. super good for the immune system in winter.)

i pick quite a few of these every year (Arbutus unedo), most people have never heard of nor tried them:


STILL no link to the images or the list? -sighs-


Haven’t come across Arubtus enudo, or if I have, haven’t recognized it. Where do you live? The prickly fruits above are wild gooseberry, related to currants. You can, carefully, eat them raw, they taste like the nonprickly variety. They would likely be a good diet food, as the stress and occasional blood loss that comes with dealing with the spines likely offsets any caloric intake. I usually don’t come across enough for pies/jams, but am told the spines soften with cooking.


Arbutus unedo is also sometimes called tree strawberry or bush strawberry. I live in the Pacific Northwest. They can also be found in Ireland and the Mediterranean. The are yellow inside. You can eat them fresh, make jams and spreads, and if the get a bit overripe, you can make the best best best “apple butter” style spiced spread from them using the same spices and cooking down that you would to make apple butter.

I used to grow wintergreen, but not anymore alas, they never made many berries, but i had some.

ah, cool I’ve never seen those. I love goose berries, currants, josta berries, and all their ilk, and have a number of varieties planted along the front of my house. Thank goodness none of mine have spines on the berries!

I take my daughter foraging all the time, there is so much abundance here, nuts, mushrooms, berries, fruits, greens…foraging is a passion of mine, as is trying exotic fruits when i travel or can get my hands on imported ones. :slight_smile:


Missed one. Here’s a fruit I experienced in Costa Rica that’s like no other. You can heat it up (the yellow pulp surrounding the black seed) in a skillet, and it tastes like scrambled eggs and cheese. From another aficionado:

In Spanish they are called ceso vegetal (vegetable brain) and taste like scrambled eggs w/ cheese. They have some kind of mushroomy meaty thing going on that I just cant get enough of. The fruit is deadly poisonous if it is eaten before it opens on its own.

I can’t post a picture, since I’m a new user, but search for Ackee.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything…

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Looks neat,

I’m extremely late to the party, but here’s the imgur album:

And here’s the Reddit topic:


I think the fruit labelled sapodilla is actually a longan.

oh thank you so much, you made this entire post relevant with those crucial links!!!

(i have no idea how they could have been excluded from the original post, but it was frustrating and you saved the day!!!)




Still no idea what this is:

Interesting - my partner and I ran across them in Portland, but we assumed they were inedible because they didn’t seem to be picked at by wildlife. Now I wish we’d tried one.

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