There's no better time to become a white hat hacker

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aka 21st century Jedi.

What if I don’t wanna pay anything for it? Can I only be a black-hat hacker then?


This is another “You must pay above average” to get the bundle deal.

Please stop calling these “Pay What You Want” deals because they are not. You are not actually free to name your own price and still get the bundle. It’s like calling $5 dollar soft drinks at a bar “Pay What You Want Cokes!” because you are free to pay above $5 for each.

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YEAH! There is like definitely no better time to become a hacker working for the man and helping to improve the security of governmental and corporate institutions then right now! Why would anyone not want to?!? In fact I would find a lack of willingness to purchase this bundle highly suspicious. highly suspicious indeed.

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White-hat hacker illustrated by a guy in a balaclava.


A black balaclava no less. Apparently it is very cold in the Ukrainian Apple Store, where they have a single Apple laptop on display.


Good luck. You need five years real world experience plus endorsement from an existing CISSP in good standing as well as passing the test.

I wonder at what point continually claiming to have extensive personal experience with these products, such as “With just these online courses, I was able to get up to speed with the latest security practices,” enters the territory of fraud? I’m rather dubious that the anonymous Copywriter actually watched all of these courses, or even any of them, especially not to the point of getting “up to speed with the latest security practices.” And there are no disclaimers that the account is fictionalized, or, as the TV commercials sometimes say “Actor Portrayal.”


I suspect it’s just a weak enough claim to not cross the line legally but is in fact a fraudulent claim.

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