Theresa May says she won't address climate change at the G20 summit


I still thank you for introducing it to me.


Per NPR interview (aired this morning), Germans rate May as low as they rate Putin. LOW.


Childish, poisonous and wrong. The trifecta of trvialising and politicising a tragedy .Why did this cladding start going up under a labour government (2005 regulatory reform act)? why have so many labour run councils done the same thing?


After everything I’ve heard about Theresa May I am absolutely, completely (and sarcastically) shocked by her attitude! Who’d have thought she would blow off climate change in favor of retaining/consolidating power and money?

(shakes head) Just when you think you know someone.


Because Tory Blair sold us all out.


If you want to see who thinks they are responsible, check the affiliations of everyone who says we shouldn’t politicise Grenfell. And yes, Tony Blair did sell us out.


As a French humorist put it: “I don’t know whether I can’t stand the young because they are future elders, or I can’t stand the elderly because they are former youngsters.”


May doesn’t represent you? I’m glad to hear it.


I have just been reading a Western biography of Putin and the Germans are wrong.

Putin, despite his many faults, has a background which shows that he genuinely wanted to bring stability and growth to Russia whatever happened afterwards.
May just parrots slogans and her sole interest is in keeping her party together long enough to make sure her husband makes even more money.

She’s actually worse than Putin.


At the moment it looks as if the councils may have been short sold by a contractor putting up a cheaper cladding than specified. My contact in development says this is not an uncommon practice though usually less blatant.
Also, there have been emails released showing the pressure from Conservative councillors to cut the price for refurbishment bids.

Interesting that after two years of very little activity on BB you come out of lurking to write this bit of propaganda, though.


Replace “Russia” with “1930’s Germany” and “he” becomes Hitler.


I disagree. Hitler wanted personal power over everybody even if Germany went up in flames. In effect he says at one point that if Germany goes under it will deserve it. Nothing in Putin’s history suggests psychopathy, whereas Hitler was both a sociopath and a psychopath.


A couple of months ago I went to a brewing industry meeting in the midlands. One of the sessions was dedicated to discuss challenges they will face in the next months/ years and of course Brexit came first. Apparently the malt manufacturers association are somehow worried, they need assurances from the government that they will be able to import barley from Europe in the future.

But they also mentioned that Brexit could bring new opportunities, specially if they “review european enviromental laws”

I think we all know what that means…


One could focus only on what one has read as Putin’s ultimate aim for Russia, or one could, along with that, look at how Putin achieved those aims.


Come out of lurking? Get tae heck. Nice way to play the man not the ball though. Despite admitting that this was to do with fraud…not Tory cuts.


You’re utterly wrong here too. Hitler’s rise to power was all predicated on the supposed injustices of the Treay of Versailles and restoring Germany’s rightful place. He may later - as in when he was losing the war - lashed out at his own people but the logic was identical. As all nationalist logic is.


You call someone childish, and then play offended when they go ad hominem, just as mildly, back atcha? How nice for you and your thin skin.

Unsurprising false equivalences pepper your comments on this topic. Guilty conscience or just here to practice your fallacies?


Regarding the headline. It started as the G20 and ended as the G19.

Now that’s leadership?


my remark was not ad hominem. It was directed entirely at the post and not the person behind it. The attack on me however (incorrectly) accused me of being a lurker and by extension (read the comment) of being a shill.
Thin skinned or asking for fair play?
Anyway, welcome to BB forums.


Childish is ad hominem. Of course it isn’t when its you duin it. I understand.

oh you were ‘accused’, poor you, beaten with your own schtick.

yeah, that’s not how you welcome someone, or it is and you’re delusional.

Also, been here for… jeez, 14 years now. Thanks for the n00b lessons tho.

Good craic.