Theresa May wants the UK to die within its means

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The Tories seem to think that Corbyn is unelectable. How silly of them to play with fire. They’re trying to hit the apex of the corner as they ride at 150+ mph, and I think they might get something wrong (lol).

I need a job, preferably San Francisco. I work for money. Any ideas where I should look?!


Circumstances are allowing the Tories to turn the UK into a meaner, more militarised and miserly place in any way they can – a return to the “glory days” of Victorian England. Taking a page from American conservatives, the end-goal here is to gut social programmes to the point of uselessness and then cry out “see, government doesn’t work!”


When I think of Tories my first thought goes here:

But he is unelectable! The media narrative keeps telling me that so it must be true…


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