#Brexit pusher Boris Johnson drops his run to be next Prime Minister of Britain


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The one wearing the human camouflage is standing…



He who wields the knife never wears the crown. As it was for Johnson, so shall it be for Gove. Which probably means, ugh, Theresa May. Shame the other candidates are awful as well (pretty much a given, since they’re all from the same party).


“Hypernationalist”, really? That’s rather overblown language.

I think nationalist, at most, would do. If nationalism is evil then we should surely also be condemning any Scottish move for an independent Scotland and also damning Norway and Switzerland for being too bigoted and small-minded for refusing to join the EU.

Boris is certainly a buffoon though, and I’m glad he won’t be PM. We need someone boring and business-like right now.


It’s funny how far I had to read before I could determine if “drops” meant “announces” or “discontinues.”


It’s in English because, you know, it’s about English politics. I’m sorry to labour this point but I do speak both English and American, and in this case the English usage is more obvious - if you drop something, in ordinary speech you let go of it. Sometimes, just occasionally, English is the more logical language.


We should table this subject.


Yes, but, they’re all fucking mental. Every last one of them. I mean, Corbyn’s boring and business-like, but that’s the wrong side of the fence.


Yeah, but the problem is that everyone seems to think that Theresa May fits that bill. Anecdotal evidence from the Home Office suggests that she doesn’t think austerity has gone nearly far enough.


Except that the internet is apopletic with rage at him today, again.

Here’s Michael Heseltine (Johnson’s predecessor as MP for Henley) on Johnson today:

There will be a profound sense of dismay and frankly contempt. He’s ripped the party apart. He’s created the greatest constitutional crisis of modern times. He knocked billions off the value of the nation’s savings. He’s like a general who leads his army to the sound of guns and at the sight of the battlefield abandoned the field. I have never seen so contemptible and irresponsible a situation.

The only good thing about May is that she has apparently decided that we don’t need to leave the ECHR any more, (although now we should leave the EU). Which is odd, considering that’s the exact opposite of what she thought until this morning.


So Gilderoy Lockhart is dropping out and Dolores Umbridge is the likely candidate?


*googles to find out who those people are.

EDIT: Err…maybe?

This is fun, too.

According to the EU Trade Commissioner, the UK won’t even be able to start negotiations on trade deals within or outside the EU until after exiting.


Harry Potter universe - Gilderoy Lockhart was an evil narcissistic lying buffoon. Dolores Umbridge was an evil sociopathic authoritarian.

I, um, think in Harry Potter terms kind of a lot.


Maybe it’s because I’ve got no horse in this race, but this makes no sense to me. Why again? It seems that people wanted him to do more, but he didn’t seem to be in any position to throw elbows.


I’m poorly informed, but it feels like like we have an metaphoric alternate reality in the UK where Sanders won, and now the Clintonites are pulling out their knives since they’d wanted him dead for a while and now have an excuse.


Because at an announcement of a report into antisemitism inside the Labour Party, he said things that could be construed as equating the Israeli Government with ISIS (although he didn’t, not quite). Then a Jewish MP who was there was verbally atttacked by a Corbyn supporter, and Corbyn didn’t do anything to stop it.

So it all went swimmingly.


…and now I’m slightly more confused. Putting aside for the moment the banality of the remark and how the UK is nominally better than the US about this sort of thing, what does that have to do with Brexit?


Only 150,000 are currently eligible to vote for the next leader of the Conservative party. A tiny percentage of the electorate.

Theresa May? Let’s recall her attitude to surveillance, etc.

Gove? Holy cow. Now I am scared.

This is all very, very bad.


Oh, for fuck’s sake. I hate everything.
/breaks out whisky


in a way it’s a great moment to unpack all quarrels at once. no one has to care anymore as everything is broken