These are the world's oldest known tattoos


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Otzi is a hundred years or so older, I believe.

What makes these egyptian tattoos more than just “the second oldest known” is that Otzi’s 61 tats are generally believed to have been medicinal.

Yes, exactly! Not the oldest tats. The oldest tattoo art yet discovered.


To be fair, we can’t know there isn’t some other reason for the tat itself. They might not be just aesthetic, but they could have some other reason for being there. Even with Otzi, we’re only making educated guesses on why they are there.


“You might think it’s cool to get a tattoo now, but what is it going to look like 5000 years from when archeologists dig you up? Will they even know what an emoji was?”


Translates as “YOLO”… :roll_eyes:


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