These four minutes of BBC TV from 1938 only still exist because of weird atmospheric conditions

This is one of the appeals of amateur radio. With very modest hardware ($50-$100) and a PC (which seems to be a safe assumption as you’re using one to post here…) you can communicate around the world. Not just listen, but two way communication.

It’s not as exicting as it was before the internet, but it still has its appeal.

Just FTR, I had the same thought and was like “oh please let this be true, it would contradict everything I know about wireless transmission”.

That said, I would be devastated afterwards, because it would break physics.

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I flipped it. Spent $50 on a raspberry Pi and $1300 on the Icom IC-7300. The PC is very much an optional part of the experience; I’m not exactly old school and enjoy operating FT8… but there isn’t as much magic in it for me as there is on a cold crisp night with a telegraph key in hand.

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