Watch footage of Amelia Earhart from 1937

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Besides being an excellent pilot, she had the kind of goofy demeanor that’s easy to like.

I would be much more impressed with footage from 1938.

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Powerful. Beautiful.

Has it already come to pass that “video” is a suitable synonym for “film” in cases like this? I mean, I don’t think there were actually video cameras in the 1930s, but correct me if I’m wrong.

I guess it’s only because I have friends who persist in using film and assorted chemicals in dark rooms to create moving visual images that the language here stands out to me… Otherwise, I s’pose there’s nothing really “wrong” with it, like, it’s no weirder than “audio” pertaining to sounds recorded or broadcast by any method whatsoever.

Like, “you should see this amazing video Georges Méliès shot, of this rocket to the moon, where it pokes him in the eye!”

Hmmm… yeah, I dunno if I’ll get used to that very soon…

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Aww, yeah. Aviatrix swag.

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