These Lego control panels will teach you all about physical interface design

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Interesting but my teeth are on edge from the use of “irradiate” for what I assume should be “eradicate” in the caption. No link back to the Wiki article or I would fix it there…


Ya, irradiating wouldn’t help. Saw that, too. It’s like George W. Bush, who once disagreed with someone because they had different tennants.

I think that the author’s explanatory photographs are constrained by his attempt at an aesthetic.

When trying to explain a wordy, and complex user interface from real life, it’s important that the words remain visible. Yes, from a design standpoint, these interfaces can be simplified. But a reader learning about UX should be able to verify that the simplification scheme is effective-- and blurry text makes this difficult.

Maybe the picture source is Wikipedia but the caption is the author’s own (terrible) work?

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Or “illuminate”.

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