These moving, 3D wooden mechanical models are as gorgeous as they are crazy cool

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(checks models… checks prices) Okay, I’ll allow this. :wink:

These are way cool. Now to find a subtle way of pointing them out to my wife so they’ll end up under the tree for me at Christmas. :slight_smile:


Does Clive Barker get a cut of the profit? Does it include a cenobite?

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Aren’t some of the individual pieces incredibly fragile?

Completed one of these a few weeks ago. @bathosfear, there were extras for a few of the more delicate parts.



Hmm. Sure, these seem cool, but if they are on the BoingBoingShop there is something very wrong with them.

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This puzzle box will be just as wind-warping to open as it is to build

Wind-warping? Warping the WIND?


(Making you fart sideways, maybe?)


Yeah hey this is so much more on brand for Boingboing shop stuff. More of this please. I might even buy something.

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I think this is the first shop add I’ve seen that is somewhat appealing

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Two years ago, I signed up for 3 of the Hurdy Gurdy kits on Kickstarter. The kits themselves were ABSOLUTELY wonderful andf I gave two to friends and we had a 'build a hurdy gurdy day" that LITERALLY took all day, but it was REALLY fun and I still have a playable instrument, while not having a very large range, it’s still pretty darn cool…

What is NOT so cool, is that the UGEARS guys, once they got my email address sent SO MUCH SPAM for other kits EVERY OTHER DAY and did NOT give me any choice to unsubscribe unless it was from ALL emails!

I did still want to hear updates about the Kickstarter so, I was literally a captive audience…

They would send out emails that were CALLED Updates that had ONE LINE that usually said “Your product is moving forward! Look for more updates soon!” and then that was followed by pages of Buy these other models…

I wrote to them and asked about JUST getting updates and NOT get inundated by all the advertising spam, but I never got a response.

So, yes. Great designs. Great models and fun to build.

Just you have to know what you are signing up for…ALL THE SPAM!

There’s a package of 4 small models that are basically desktoy fidget things with spinning gears. My daughter gve me it for Christmas a few years back…awesome fun, not too hard (not to easy either) to put together and look neat.

I have the sad robot next to my desk from this past Christmas, still waiting for assembly. I’ve heard it’s 2-12 hours…

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