These photos of insects look like alien robots


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Robot aliens never look this cool.


I contend insects are organic robots who follow a set of simple programming.


I wish I could remember who said, “God must have loved beetles.”





am i playing this correctly? :slight_smile:



bug1bug2…Aaah! BeeUtifull Buggy-Wuggies!


Published by Abrams?
I was expecting Taschen.

I shall watch this publisher.

You know what would be really, really great? If every of this photos would be accompanied by extensive information on the species depicted. Distribution, ecology, phylogenetic relations, conservation status…

Anyone has access to the book already and can tell if even the taxon names are given?


I’m thinking more


I’d say we’re not all that different, just a few more lines of code…


Everyone needs to see the video talking about his process - it inspired me to take up focus stacking!!


If you want to be really blown away, visit Levon Biss’s Microsculpture website. You can see these images at crazy levels of magnification - your view of the insects will change from robots to landscapes. According to the site, each image is actually stitched together from about 8000 separate pictures taken with a 36-megapixel camera. Awesome, wonderful detail!



Wow - that is amazing. I was expecting SEM stuff from not reading your post closely enough (Which I love) but this is even better.


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