These Pixel Art Animation tutorials are fun (and free) to watch

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These are awesome! The downscaled versions kinda ruin the effect, though. Even on Imgur you have to jump through some hoops to get the full versions. Here’s direct links to all of them. (You may want to open them on the desktop, click once to bypass fit-to-window, and make sure your browser is zoomed to exactly 100%.)

Advanced Trees
Aged Brick Wall 1
Aged Brick Wall 2
Brick Archway

Edit: Fuck me, even with direct links it forces you to the gallery page instead. Imgur sucks. The gif and pngs can be full-sized by clicking on them; for the gifvs you have to right-click and select “Open video in new tab.” The fullscreen button isn’t good enough.


I use imagus to preview images and video, and your links worked perfectly for that. Thanks!

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Arctic fox chasing arctic hare. In the arctic.
(8bit version, 8.7 seconds loop, 1994)

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