They told us DRM would give us more for less, but they lied

• Press Setup on remote control to access the setup page
• Enter 9210 on the remote
• A secret menu will pop up
• Select 0 to 6 in region code
• Press Setup on remote again to exit

I weas recently reading about David X Cohen’s first game for the Apple II. He sent it off to one of the game publishers and they rejected it.

wired claimed that he had attempted to use some sort physical copy protection, and the emulators wouldn’t cooperate, so arguably, this is another case of DRM ruining everything

That is the expressed purpose of incorporation.

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Obligatory xkcd


I don’t mind DRM through on-demand services like Netflix, Prime, etc. I get that.

DRM on single products that I purchase for myself? I strip that out whenever possible.

If it’s something I want to “keep,” I always purchase a physical copy rather than a digital copy, if the option is there.

I have a lot of crap I’ve built up over the years – movies, games, books – but when the servers of the world stop serving, I’ll have a hell of a library to return to when the food looting for the day is done.


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