Thin and light laptops considered harmful

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But Apple’s emails!


Laptop sous vide!



Bought my kids Razer blades when they went away to college. The machines have performed excellently and without any fires or burned fingers.

Currently I have one of them in pieces because my daughter set it down on hot wax and one of the fans got ruined. It is remarkably easy to disassemble and repair compared to the other laptops I have rebuilt; no special Apple tools required.

But speaking of hot stuff, this is a place where an HP laptop used to live:

Note entirely missing third floor.


I don’t know how people can use a laptop as their main system. I have a thin laptop when I do things like troubleshoot in a server room or for notes at a tabletop game but give me my very powerful desktop with 3 monitors.


Yep! And a real mouse to pinpoint precisely where I want that little cursor to go.

My interwebs surfing laptop is a 20-year-old Sony VAIO that gets so hot, I have to protect my lap with an Airbake cookie sheet.


Designers seem to have forgotten that these are supposed to be tools rather than fashion statements.


I use a USB mouse and keyboard with my laptop. They do make it so much more useful, yes!


I know someone who can’t record his podcast on his Macbook because the fan will kick in about 10 minutes in. He also can’t process the raw audio because even that will overheat his Mac.


My HP x360 gets a bit hot. I don’t really care; it’s not too uncomfortable. I realize it can negatively impact your sperm count, but I decided some time back I’m not reproducing anyways.

The bigger issue is the beer I spilled on the keyboard. It randomly presses Windows + H, which opens an Edge browser window with the help contact info. Sometimes several times consecutively.

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Ah, you whippersnappers and your fancy PCs! These nifty new portable graphical terminals are pretty snazy though. I can get four terminal windows on each of four virtual desktops, running some shells, emacs, nethack and top and never even get the processor over 20%. I do all my work on a server like God (Proteus the Distributed) intended. The only difference for me between 1998 and now is that I have no idea where the server actually is and I throw away whole OS images when I’m done for the day.


Yeah, I don’t get it. I have a thin and light laptop that I use on the couch and the go but I also have desktop with a nice mechanical keyboard on my desktop, big monitor and decent speakers. But hey, I also have a landline that I still hand out fairly often.


I love me a giant desktop work station… For mobile work I use a chromebook; I actually like the limitations it offers… Its such a crappy ‘laptop’ that I can only hope to do simple tasks with it. That way when I’m at the desktop, the real work happens (like posting on bbs).


I get the felling that maybe users did too.


There’s no reason that your computer can’t look and feel nice, just don’t put form over function. My XPS 13 is a gorgeous light and thin laptop that has more than enough power to get most jobs done, plus it doesn’t break my back when I travel with it. I wouldn’t render video on it unless I absolutely had to but that’s more about picking the right tool for the job.

The issue is that some manufacturers have decided that every tool should be the thinnest and lightest.

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I have a couple of ThinkPad X201 Tablets, bought used, that have (2010-vintage) i7 processors. While they’re far from today’s latest and greatest, they were fairly high-end in their day. Nevertheless, I can stress them heavily without them becoming uncomfortably hot - and they’re not especially large or heavy. I don’t see any need to make them any thinner, and they have full-size USB and network jacks (along with analog VGA and an SD card reader).

No Ultrabooks for me, thank you, I want functionality without dongles or ridiculous thermal issues.

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laptops are great. Desktops are great. They do their jobs quite well these days. What I’m trying to understand is what is harmful about laptops.

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I’m typing on one right now; I use it for many work tasks (including light video editing) instead of my desktop because (a) I use the tablet heavily and (b) it comes home with me. As a model it has known issues with heat, which can be ameliorated a bit by underclocking and using better thermal paste. I would have replaced it years ago had Lenovo not decided to change their keyboards.

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100C metal keyboards (Yeah the i9 Mac hits this temp and stays there)