This 101-year old woman is having a good time making snowballs


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Lillooet is a beautiful town. It’s right at the edge of the Fraser river, nestled between a few mountain ranges. You get to it generally from highway 99 right after the coastal rain forest ends and the desert begins. Pure beauty. Though, I’ve only ever been there in the summer.


Wow, bare-handed too. You don’t get to 101 by being wimpy.


My grandma is currently not doing very well health wise, going senile, and when she’s having a “good day” she’s usually depressed.


can anyone link to the source? this embed will not load or even say where it comes from on my browser. probably my script blocker but could be due to being an embed.



Her voice makes me want to curl up by a fire with some hot cocoa and listen to stories.


Sorry to hear that.
It is true that the video portrays the exception, not the rule, (probably why it made the news, er, well, BB anyway).


I was just poking a little bit of fun at Mark. I do appreciate the video and is incredibly sweet, though my grandma isn’t doing great and i do worry about her daily.


I had Christmas dinner with a 100 year old woman. She’s awesome. She told the best stories and was teasing me withing a couple hours of meeting me.




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