This app helps you optimize your home's Wi-Fi

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I very much doubt that “NetSpot Pro for Windows” will do anything for my Mac, despite the shill copywriter’s claims.

(Yeah I do KNOW they have a Mac version, but that’s not what the copy SAYS.)

I do need something like this, since I am about to move back to my old house with lots of dead wifi spots, but I’m not going to spend $39 on this. Any better ideas?

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and us poor linux users have to do it manually

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Metageek inSSIDer was open source through version 2; I think that version is still findable.

Thanks, but windows only. :frowning:

OK, then

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Thanks again, but I’m on a mac. This seems debian specific. I don’t mind paying for something. It looks like there are some good iOS apps for $5-$10. But more research tomorrow.

You could have said. I’d suggest KisMAC, but I’m apprehensive you’ll come back and say it is for the wrong flavor of Mac.


But can it love?

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If you have an android device you could use WiFi Analyzer (free) and map it by hand. I’ve used this app to analyze and fix several friends’ WiFi


Poor? I rather thought the whole point of using Linux was that its users WANTED to do it manually? :wink:

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Now, you’re talking. But, I only have an Apple ][.


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