This computer is never obsolete


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It has a Celeron processor. It came off the factory line obsolete.


If all components were replaced - is it still the same computer?


Only if you subscribe to some kind of dualist philosophy. I have several ships of Theseus in a Beowulf cluster calculating my local weather model.


Sweet! It comes with AOL absolutely free? Sign me up!


It’ll never be obsolete in the sense that you can use it as a doorstop, or a blunt object to throw at a zombie’s head.


Or integrated as a control system in some big machine. There are many PC-XT machines still happily chugging on in such duties.


For varying definitions of “This”



The fine print says it’s magic non-obsolescence comes from the fact 1) it has the internets, so that stays fresh and 2) you can replace it every 2 years for $99. In fifteen years when Apple copies this you cusswords are gonna think it’s genius.

Assuming that deal is still going (we can hope, right?) then the computer’s great-great-etc-child should be carrying a proud legacy by now, the family’s motto Numquam Obsolete finely embroidered above its mantlepiece.

Carry on, sweet prince. Let them laugh.


Something something lifehacker something install Linux.


The AGP card made it more obsolete-ier off the assembly line.


When I was in grad school my advisor had a printout of a BLASTP (protein sequence similarity search) run against a protein that was helpfully annotated as “This protein is novel”, which it may have been at the time of its discovery, but a few years later on it had hundreds of matches.


Been running that exact eMachine for about 15 years now for data acquisition in a small-engine test cell. Integrates flowmeter, dynamometer, and exhaust gas analyzer and spits out brake-specific fuel consumption and emissions in real time.


Thank you for proving their marketing hype for us. Now, get back to work!



what’s wrong with AGP?



Windows Me!


AWESOME! :smile:


That song was exactly where I knew it from.