This course explains what IoT is all about to help you create your own web-connected items

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But… for, like, years, now, I’ve read on this site how the IoT was maybe not so great. This is… odd.


To the internet, surely, not just to the web? Otherwise it would be called the Web of Things.


It is less odd if you think of BB as an advertising platform that uses its editorial content as bait, rather than as a editorial platform that just needs advertising.


Well at least this boing boing shop offering is appears to be an actual course and isn’t like some of the previous offerings where they took a random assortment of leftover videos and packaged them as a course in electrical engineering. But not to worry, security is not one of the bullet points for what’s taught in this course. So this could really teach you how to be just like the rest of the internet of things infrastructure, buggy and insecure.

This, though, is just silly: The “IoT E-Degree Certification Bundle”. :rofl: A degree that employers look for and carries all the same weight or less as sleeping for a night at a Holiday Inn Express.

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Yep, Cory always called it the Internet of Shit. But Cory isn’t on this site anymore.


But now we can have ‘crash pads’ (as in pads on which to attempt bounce from a tierstory) which not only plan to call a chiropractitioner or EMT depending on how the recovery went, ALSO have them simply use livid rage to get us up when they say we did an unauthorized fall.

Gonna make a humidifier that has a rounded set of complaints about what I’m bringing in and eventually hustles the Crash Pad to make it CSF.

Should work a treat as long as most of your things are somehow WiFi 6. Or Bluetooth 5.1 and up…then you can run vuln tests to see if pausing your earbuds can flash all the lights. Or just reset the look on the toddler kid with the wrong name and Nihilism for Xmas.

I can’t remember who came up with it, but I always liked “the Internet of Things That Should Not Be Connected to the Internet”.


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