This Day in Blogging History: RIP, Aaron Swartz


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I feel for you. My friend killed himself at the end of December. I’m hoping a year will dull the hurt, somewhat. Hoping.


I’m so sorry for your loss-- I posted a comment on the thread from yesterday (Remembering Aaron Swartz) about that. We’re at year 2 (Jan. 9) after the suicide of my son’s best friend. There was a lot of fall out - maybe perhaps because he was so young, 15, and his friends so thrown by it. But it has gotten better over time. I think part of it is learning to accept that it really happened, (which can take awhile) and then finding out how to still have moments of joy and connectedness in the life that you’re living after he’s gone.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a great organization and has a very helpful website not only for people at risk for suicide but for survivors. Lean on your friends and family- hang in there.


Other side of the pond, but thanks :wink:

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I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss and the losses of the others here. How do we ever recover from this kind of loss? I am searching… My little sister took her own life on 6 February, 2013. I still struggle to even try and comprehend what she has done and my mother refused to give her a memorial service or even an obituary. Each time I think of it, it feels as though my heart has turned inside out.

I was profundly moved by Aaron’s afterword to Homeland. And the thought that this wonderful human being was driven to suicide for freeing knowledge still enrages me.

@doctorow question: do you use RIP instead of BD"E which would more correctly reflect Swartz’s & your cultural heritage because RIP is better known?

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