This Day in Blogging History: Schooling a jerk about black, female pirate captains; Genetic algorithm evolves car; How many years' labor to buy a copy of WinXP?


The genetic car is 404-ing. That’s sad, I wanted to check it out.


There is NO VALUE in running collections of old stories when you don’t take the time to verify that the relevant links and all are still intact.

For instance, the story “How many years does an Azeri have to work to buy a copy of WinXP?” links to First Monday in a manner that the site no longer uses. As a result, you’re redirected to when the relevant story is actually hosted at

A little diligence goes a long way.


The most noteworthy thing about the author’s response – outside of “hell yes” – is that if the image is from that book, the cover artist and the editor apparently didn’t read closely enough to note the character’s skin color. Which is, alas, not as uncommon as it should be.


Like you, I didn’t realise at first that the book pictured (edited by Jo Stanley) is not by the author quoted in the text (Scott Lynch). The Scott Lynch novel featuring Captain Zamira Drakasha is Red Seas Under Red Skies, of which none of the versions I’ve seen feature a pirate on the cover at all.

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Having links 404 is the Internet’s way of reminding you of your own mortality.

Wayback Machine to the rescue for the genetic algorithm car:


Ah. I’ve been burned before by BB’s lazily grabbing a convenient image rather than a fully appropriate image…


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