This Day in Blogging History: Superstitious investment fund; State Dept's surveillance tech exhibit; Tech docs hall of weird


Apparently the Superstitious Fund ended its run down -16.18%, which is pretty bad considering the S&P index had gained about 250 points over the 12 month period it ran for.

Still, I guess you could argue that this proves that following superstition is a stupid idea generally, and in that sense it was a successful project!

1 Like (the Tech Docs link) gets stuck in an infinite redirect loop for me.

Here we are. Looks like this is technically the fourth appearance of the Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness here.

the pinterest site seems to be the current one.

Shing Tat Chung holds a Masters in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London

And he made THAT website? Wow.

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