This Day in Blogging History: Victorian sewer-scroungers; Stross's Saturn's Children, Emailing ourselves to death

One year ago today Sewer hunters of Victorian London: who traveled the tunnels and sieved the waste for bones, metal, coins, cutlery, or other valuable goods, all the while avoiding the supernatural “Queen Rat” and “race of wild hogs” (predating NYC’s alligators!) that roamed the shafts, according to other historians. Five years ago today Stross’s… READ THE REST

re: Emailing Ourselves to Death
That really was ten years ago. It seems to me that we’re expected to multitask these days. Regarding it as detrimental of refusing to do it would be tantamount to unemployment in 2013

You know, I would totally play a board game or card game (or maybe even an rpg) based on Sewer Hunters of Victorian London.

Terry Pratchetts’ “Dodger” is a great work of fiction which centres around a sewerage hunting main character (a tosher) is well worth reading. Pratchett also includes a character Henry Mayhew and the novel Dodger is dedicated to him in honor of his work in drawing attention to the plight of London’s poorest through his book London Labour and the London Poor.

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