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So what’s the thoughts 10 years later on the automatic stoplight for speeders? Did it do the job? Get widely adopted? Legalized or faced challenges? There are no comments on the original SFgate article, likely because commenting systems changed since then (normal SFgate protocol is to have major flamewars in the comments).


No complete answer here, but I searched some on
traffic light red speeder
and found a bunch of stories involving these systems being installed in various places, mostly isolated intersections in the US, but with comments to some of the more recent stories that this system is in wider use in Europe…

Thanks. We’ll be doing more research on this and “Santa Rosa lights” as well as grassroots “traffic calming” methods, as our 98-year-old neighbor was just killed when hit in our corner intersection, and we have noticed a history of car collisions at the turn, with people responding to the design and placement by speeding up and looking a block ahead to traffic lights rather than noticing and acting on conditions and hazards on hand. Between our cohousing neighbors and the nursing home across the street (where the latest victim lived) and this being at the intersection of two council districts, we hope we can get quick action and consensus before someone else dies.

Here’s a mildly positive writeup on it, from about a year later:

And snooping around on Google Street View reveals that the sensors were still in place as of 2011.

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