This fashionable bike lock does not slow down the Lockpicking Lawyer

He’s come close on occasion, though.

Watching his videos gives you a whole new perspective on locks, and especially hotel and gun safes. It’s also made it pretty obvious that the lock on the file server case at work is a wafer core that could be jiggled open in seconds. Granted, I have a key for it, but if I ever lost it it wouldn’t be as big a deal as one might think.


If your bike is 10% of the price of a Birkin bag thats a nice 2k to 50k bike. Maybe 2 locks :wink:

(The insane cost of modern status products is a topic for another discussion )

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At least in my experience the big lock is an effective deterrent. I have had regular low end u bolt locks cut and commuter bikes stolen several times. Once I had to.ride my nice bike to work for a couple hours, and brought my big heavy kryptonite chain thing. A couple other bikes were stolen that day but mine remained. It may have been luck but it never hurts to have the more difficult target. in a high traffic area… (Although nothing would have helped that day the thieves just stole a whole bike rack…)

One day when I get a new commuter bike (seriously buying bikes now is hard) I’m going to try the “ugly it up” approach too.

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