Lockpicking lawyer likes a lock

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Like != unpickable in a few minutes




When you really like something, you gotta lock that down.


I was not expecting 3 separate ball bearings… That seems over engineered in a Juicero sort of way. All stainless steel construction - even inside - is impressive, too. Probably a good deal at $100 per lock. But I was hoping it would be cheaper when LPL emphasized it being in the “low security” category.

I do wonder if this product succeeds on the over engineering that they will then redesign the lock to be cheaper to make.


I don’t really get what this is for – it’s not cheap, it’s colossal, it’s as easy to pick as any other normal door lock, and the ability to lock it without a key just seems like an aid to locking yourself out. I guess it’s nice that it’s well-made, but how often is breaking the lock the easiest method of access anyway?

The moral I take from lock picking lawyer videos is that any lock can be picked, and at best you can pay extra for one that a normal locksmith can’t open, but realistically any old lock is good enough that something else will be the weak point in your physical security.

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I think it is harder to pick than a normal door lock and not subject to the same low skill attacks like bumping or raking. LPL had to pick it one dimple at a time - and regular house thieves don’t do that, not when they can just force your door open, break a window, climb through an unlocked second story window, or go in through an attached garage they got into by breaking a garage door window and pulling the emergency disconnect cord.

I’m with you on thinking that needing the key to lock the door is a good thing that prevents accidental lock outs. But the lock can turn that feature off, and also has an optional night guard feature. So it seems like all upside except for the price.

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The chances of a burglar knowing how to pick even the simplest lock is the same as him feeling guilty and returning your stuff. People that know how to pick locks like the Lock Picking Lawyer either make youtube videos or are going after things like the Pink Panther Diamond and high end art.

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Most home breakers won’t pick a lock. Hell, most locksmiths won’t pick locks. The one he was talking about today (and in fact more than a few he handpicks) can be raked open.

LPL is a locksport enthusiast. He focuses on picking. And because he’s basically the top elite of his skillset, a couple of problems arise:

  1. He makes really difficult high skill locks look horribly defective. They’re not. You’re just seeing the best of the best take 2-3 minutes on something that would take the 80% of the locksport community ten to twenty minutes.

  2. He makes you think a lock’s picking challenge is related to its security levels. Most the locks he picks can be defeated FAR faster than what he’s doing.


buy two if that does not satisfy

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