This gimbal brings 'cinema quality' to your smartphone pics

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So, uh, that part of the video where the dude records the woman jogging and swoops down for a booty closeup. That was really… something.


Can anyone speak to the quality of this? It looks pretty amazing if it doesn’t stop working or fall apart in a year.




It would have been cool it it was a relay race. Instead of pass the baton, it would be pass the gimbal.



Tl;dr save yourself the hassle, spend the extra and get a DJi Osmo Mobile.

So I was on the Kickstarter for this, and was generally pleased when it arrived, but after only few months of using it occasionally, it wouldn’t keep stable, and the app is utter trash. Have since given it to some kid relatives to mess about with but even they needed to stick a couple of pennies to the side to get it to stay upright. Bought an Osmo a few months later, have had absolutely no issues with it.



I saw some red flags when I went to the app store and read the reviews on the app, and then I finally found a review online that also said to buy an Osmo Mobile unless you could get this for cheap (which is what this looked like), but when I take the plunge I’d rather get something that’s going to last.

I’ll look at the Osmo people now that I know these are a thing that exist!


“Cinema Quality”? Is that Stanley Kubrick or Micheal Bay?

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Paul Greengrass.

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Doh. that’s who I was after, but I got hung up on Tony Scott, and then veered in to Bay.

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This is the sort of thing that Michael Bay is known for

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Low angled, orbiting dolly shot of heroic males rising in frame against the sky. :smiley: Oh, and Victoria’s Secrets commercials.

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I realize that Matt Damon prefers working with Greengrass, but I still prefer Doug Liman’s camerawork.

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Am I wrong to prefer The Bourne Legacy to the other films in the series? :thinking:

:laugh: That’s the Bourne without Bourne, is it not? Haven’t seen it yet.

Filming was primarily in New York City, with some scenes shot in the Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, and Canada. Released on August 10, 2012, the film received mixed reviews, with critics praising the story, James Newton Howard’s score, and Renner’s performance, but expressing disappointment in Matt Damon’s absence, as well as the lack of shaky camera work (a key element of Greengrass’ directorial style) that the second and third films had used.

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