This gingerbread house is styled after the 1974 Fisher-Price A-Frame toy, Little People and all


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Someone better call Quatermass; it looks like something Pre-Cambrian has just crawled from the ocean.



Also: Goodness me, the recent customer reviews of the Wilton “Candy Melts Candy” (i.e., the main ingredient in the recipe for Candy Clay that Rusty linked to, along with corn syrup and coloring) are terrible. Apparently they’ve changed the product.

Searching for a recipe for make-your-own-from-scratch candy clay, if there is such a thing…


In the 70s, I thought a-frames where right up there with geodesic domes.


OMG - I had one of those.


I just pried that plastic dog out of my toddler’s hand this morning. Imagine if it had been made of sticky fondant!


Our “creche” is built around the Fisher Price farm. I love it so much.

The stable

Here come the Three Wise Men with their trusty dog

The other animals

Close-up of the Holy Family

… and the Wise Men with their gifts


It’s just powdered sugar and water. Make one batch of plain white and tint as you need it. You can add flavor extract if you want.

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