This Horse Raised By Spheres


Hory shit…it’s like 4Chan boards being distilled into some acid fueled nightmare…

love it
existential internetism

Now that was a long row to hoe, but we’re better for it.

The first one in particular will stay with me forever.

Yuk yuk yuk.

David O’Reilly is a genius.

Ok, I’ll bite. When does the blinking cursor turn weird, beautiful, and interactive?


@Groundman, pressing the space bar reveals a message, but no other keys/mouse movements did jack for me.

Just typing random characters worked for me. Typety typety typety until the text finishes appearing, then click on the red circle below the text to reveal the next part of the sequence.

Loads a bit slow, but that may just be my connection.

I never saw any red circle…

because it didn’t load the first time I went. I went back and the landscape in the first sequence was mirrored whereas before it was flat. and then sure enough, the red dot appeared : /

payoff not worth the frustration.

Prolly a bit Boinged, I guess. There end up being several pages, most of them interesting, but I think just the spherical horse one will stick with me. The children’s song one I kinda saw coming a couple miles away.

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It seems to work better in Chrome

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