This insult passphrase generator will make your passwords unforgettable (and hilarious)

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Appears that the first word of your shiny new password is rather easily guessed?
(“‘Bits o’ Randomness’ is my new breakfast cereal brand”)


Fun. I was doing porn search phrases for a while until I had to share a password with my wife. :blush:


While I use passphrases, I don’t use a web site to generate them, I do it myself and add some randomness. But I’m old skool like that. :smiley:


From that Nordpass site, this one stood out for me:

Streaming lovers seem to be strong password haters. Compared to other popular websites, people choose the poorest credentials to secure accounts on this platform category.

In their defense, entering passwords with a (Roku/Apple TV/TiVo/…) remote is definitely not conducive to long and complex password use.


A really good insult would usually be too long to be used as a convenient passphrase, you silly neurobats.

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Yeah, there are a couple predictable words in there.

But there are also 5 words that can be pulled from a pool of around, say, 500 words each (some more, some less), giving you around 43 bits of entropy. One bit less than battery staple horse correct, which is still pretty good. And you get a few more bits because some of the phrases have an extra word tucked in. I’d use it.

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