This is every Trader Joe’s employee

I think this article proves you wrong.

Or it says exactly what you just said.

I’m not sure which, and I don’t want to read it again.

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Missing the “I haven’t tried this one yet is it any good? You don’t know? I’m sure it’s delicious”

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Good bread lasts one day. Buy smaller loaves.

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Ralph’s market cashier from a few years ago, commenting on our purchase of bottled clam juice: “What do you do with this?”

That’s some consolation… unless…

My introduction to a TJ’s product was courtesy of a SoCal native… a workplace friend. Gotta try 'em, he said.

My blueberry muffins were lousy with weevils.

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It gets weirder when it’s your Uber driver doing that while picking your grocery bags from the trunk

No, it doesn’t, because

It does.

You don’t have to. :smile:



A lot of overly bitter TJ customers…

Face it: he’s just not that into you! Move on.


That’s better than weevily with louses, eh? :woman_shrugging:


Dark chocolate covered edamame is the discontinued item I’ll always hold against them.


My Aldi’s experience is actually the mirror image. When I was there stocking up on a bunch of one of their occasional items (frozen chicken breasts with pepper jack cheese and bacon) I was raving to the cashier "These are just as good as they sound, I really wish that y’all stocked them all the time.:


Our grocery list has a permanent item called “middle freezer?”
Now that they’ve remodeled, it’s an end freezer, but the item still remains. It’s a surprise every time. Stone-baked margarita pizza, apple-caramel strudel, frozen seasoned meats - they’re there once, maybe next year you’ll get the seasonal items - and hey! there are strudels again!


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