This is How You Die: the sequel to Machine of Death

David Malki ! writes, "After poring over 2,000 story submissions, commissioning dozens of illustrations, and waiting ever-so-eagerly, we’re so pleased that the sequel to Machine of Death is out now! It’s called THIS IS HOW YOU DIE and it’s published by Grand Central. We’ve put a 90-page free PDF preview on our site, and we… READ THE REST

Seems nice - I might check out How You Die and decide to get the Humble bundle, which I’ve been ambivalent about. So off to the download site. That says you need a Facebook account to log in and download. Um, no thank you. Never hand one, never will. Facebook is a lot like a vampire - it can only screw you over if you invite them into your life. Sorry Humble - maybe next time.

And to forestall the defense of the titles in the bundle, I’ve already got XKCD Vol 0, Cory’s Little Brother, and Neil Gaiman’s Signal to Noise. The ones that are left I’m just not sure I want, and it would be nice to have a preview to help me decide. They’re probably excellent.

The video should be titled “This is How you Beat A Dead Horse”

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Saw a video of this on YouTube yesterday. Was funny, but was already well old by the 3rd victim. So now they’ve made a 90 page book on the same 30 second skit?

Oh, correction: it’s a 90 page preview of an even longer book.

The actual stories are significantly smarter than the skits.

At least they were in the original book.

I stumbled on the original Machine of Death book on the web a few years back. You can download the book, and pay later if you wish. So that night I downloaded it, read a story or two, and then, wait a minute, the book is over and it’s lunch time.

I read the whole thing nonstop. Half the time I was cackling like a maniac. You can read for yourself – this is NOT the same story over and over again.

Then I ran into Malki! at the Alternative Press Expo in SF, and bought a pile of copies of the “Disposable” edition to give to everyone I knew. ($5 for a multi-hundred page paperback.)

Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing.

I didn’t have any trouble signing up without a facebook account.
Email address and password. More options to pay than pretty much anything else I’ve seen.

Not sure what you were seeing…

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