This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory, Part One of a New Web Series by Kirby Ferguson


Even the word ‘conspiracy’ has become so loaded, the insult ‘conspiracy theory’ need hardly ever be used. It would be nice to see a cynical, yet not too ‘look-at-me-I’m-so-cynical’ unpacking of the culturally inheritable baggage that goes with the modern usage.

I am reminded of Joe Rogans take on the 9/11 conspiracy.
“Do you believe that people flew planes into the buildings that day?”
[To which most people say “Of course” or “Yes”]
“Well those people conspired to fly those planes into those buildings and they succeeded.”

It’s not a ‘Conspiracy Theory™’ as such because it actually happened. It was still a conspiracy by a group of criminals.

All Hail Kerry Thornley!

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