This IT course gets you certified in SQL database management

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Lesson One:
Always sanitize your inputs.


So, the course does NOT get you certified, contrary to the headline

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So, can someone of the already enlightened tell me what I should choose to organise wildly different datasets from ecologists, pedologist, and other disciplines? Most of the data has spatial data somehow relevant.

I was thinking about building a SpatiaLite DB for starters. There are other groups in-house using Oracle, but their support for us is non-existant. Some guy is advocating PostGIS, but so far I think a client-server architecture is not for the people I see using a database in the future.

And WHY the fuck am I the person even trying to fix this? I had a look at the databases which exists so far, and they aren’t even in the second normal form…

So there is no SQL exam included?

Or is there an exam, but it is for NoSQL?

Worse still is there no NoSQL exam?

Or do you know if there is no NoSQL exam?

You know, it’s a no-no to not know if there is no NoSQL exam…

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