This lid converts any pressure cooker into an air fryer

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Does it work with an instant pot? I think more people are buying those as a first pressure cooker than an oven top pressure cooker.

Does it work with my 35 year old Lagostina pressure cooker? The lid is different there too.

My point is that maybe this doesn’t fit all pressure cookers. I don’t deny that the concept would work with all pressure cookers.


Mealthy? MEALTHY? What an awkward name. it’s like a portmanteu of meally and filthy. my guess is it’s not made by native english speakers?


“Any” pressure cooker - no way at all that’s correct. Pressure cookers have all kinds of different interlocking methods for the lid.

Unless this thing just sits loose on top of the pot, in which case it wouldn’t be restricted to pressure cookers, and would just match any large pot.


Yes, it works with the Instant Pot. I use it with mine.

It just sits on top. I don’t think you’d want to use it on any pot though, because it gets the metal insert of the Instant Pot really hot. I mean, you could but it would be a bit dangerous.

It’s really handy for Instant Pot recipes that you want to finish with a little browning/crisping. But it also works to use as an air fryer but only in pretty small batches due to the diameter of the instant pot’s inner pot.

Air frying…
Is this like that NuWave Magic oven thing?
Essentially a combination of broiling and convection oven?

I really don’t understand why ovens aren’t more versatile. If setup right, you should be able to do all kinds of baking, air fry, dehydrating, and roasting in one of the few built in appliances almost everyone has.

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Yeah, but if everybody already got one, where’s the marketing opportunity?


You can’t fry with air, frying is cooking in oil. “To fry” has meant cooking in oil for hundreds of years. Why go along with some ad writer’s abuse of a word?

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I’m guessing the same market that has Lowes and Home Depot stocked with them?

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