This nearly flush mount car charger has USB and USB-C ports

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i got an ipad recently and was pissed off at the new usb-C port. like, seriously, i thought we had finally reached this point where a single type of plug was usable by most electronic devices (recall the early 2000’s when every cell pone and camera and audio device used a totally different type of power cord) then they gotta switch it up with no backwards compatibility. Why can’t we have things like the standard wall outlet and lightbulb that have remained consistent for like 100 years?


that said, this plug looks like a good idea. I’ll probably need to get one because i cant even charge my ipad in my car right now (Although i guess i could probably find a usb-c to usb adapter)

Which standard would that be?


In probably a non/ optimal way of getting a USB a to c cable: I recently picked up a USB c external drive and most of them came with both c-c and a-c cables. So the old USB to USB c cable is sitting there waiting for the crisis of ports when I need to connect things in a weird way while the USB c cable is in every day use.

I am not saying the pricing of some USB adapters is insane enough to warrant getting a hard drive to get the extra cable… but it can be closer than one would like.

Well in the US anyway. I can still plug in a radio built in the 1940s. (Though one may want to make sure the wires are electronics aren’t corroded)

One of my externals still uses FireWire!! Haha

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The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from !


USB-C adoption can’t come fast enough, IMHO. My Microsoft Phone had it, and I loathed going backwards when I moved on.

Low profile means it can be used on multiple form factors, the 2-fold rotational symmetry allows for plug-it-in-once (instead of thrice), audio adapters, displayport mode (with Dilpayport/HDMI/VGA adapters), Thundebolt mode, JTAG support with debug devices, USB 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2 support, negotiated power draws of up to 20V at 5A?! (My laptop charger could be replaced with any good USB-C port)

In my opinion, they took decades of pain and finally learned from them. I’m hoping this is the port to rule them all for a long time to come.

Ah yes. While I love USB-C, here’s the obligatory XKCD. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlike Tiggers!
(“The wonderful thing about Tiiggers, is I’m the only one”)

Speaking of standards, cars have a 12v system. Your smoke detector is 9v.

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Thank you for posting that. I live vicariously through others’ pedantic corrections.

Unless it’s 12VDC or 120VAC as hardwired ones tend to be. (Although it’s likely being stepped down to a lower voltage internally.)


Type G of course! They’ve already helpfully drawn a box around it, as it’s the best one. :wink:

I’m supposed to say type G is the best, but type K is clearly better. Lots of smiley faces everywhere!

Type I is depressed, type H is angry and type B has concussion. Type G does let you do Home Alone re-enactments though

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Type K is pretty fun.

Type I is clearly a vengeful robot ghost.

All that matters is that we agree that three pins are better than two.

How about a pedantic compliment on your having used the correct possessive for a plural noun?

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