This smart gimbal packed with AI is like having your own robot cameraman

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Place iPhone on a lazy Susan. Tape one end of long stick to surface of said lazy Susan. Grab other end of stick and walk around room. No extra hardware or app needed.

The main problem I see is a gathering of 30 to 40 social media influencers trying to get the same unique shot of something amazing, and none of these devices know who to follow (none of them if the AI is any good).

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And they will still be shot in portrait mode!


I want a mount that will swivel to whatever I find amazing while I drive remote British Columbia roads. I am constantly rubbernecking.

Turn, or downshift, or take awkward shakey vids/stills. Pick two.

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Fasten the camera to your forhead?

Probably best until the AI knows what I want and can do the sightseeing for me. Or do the driving while I sightsee.

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