This smooth, one-take drone short of Muscle Beach won a big prize at a film festival


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Sweet work.


I think this may be a BB repeat? Very cool nonetheless. I have to wonder how many times they crashed going through that ring? All one take! Sort of Muscle Beach / Touch of Evil, eh?

I also wonder how they dialed the lens distortion back? The horizon in the raw footage is super duper curved.


vincent leforet once said you can’t fly a drone backwards
well probably not in the dark


It’s the foley that deserves a prize, but I never see them for sale on BoingBoing.


Ah makes me miss the place…


Do we know or have a photo of the drone and camera used to make this?
Thank you.


I wanna say I remember seeing this ~1 year ago, but w/ a different sound track.


Looks like he’s aware that he’s borrowing for Touch of evil as well.


Was it filmed in reverse? Or was another camera used to navigate the drone?


It’s played backwards, as seen in the raw footage.



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