This trippy GIF reveals patterns each time you blink


it’s interesting to see a similar effect with pentagons

But we’re not hallucinating things in this case. There actually are lines forming those shapes that pop into view occasionally.


With that, who needs migraines anymore?

And actual circles!

Wait… You need to blink? I get a bunch of patterns popping in and out of existence just by staring…


Would be nice to know about the origins of the GIF. Cellular automata? Standing waves?

Hmmm… is it that time again?

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Time to watch the lighter spark!

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[quote=“stephen_schenck, post:2, topic:54791”]
we’re not hallucinating things in this case
[/quote]Speak for yourself.

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The original source of this image is here, which explains the maths behind it and the code used to create it.


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