This Zoetrope will have you mesmerized

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That brings back memories from Autumn, Nor’Easters, and cold winter nights on the New Jersey shore, back in the old century.


Nope. Close, but that’s actually not how NTSC works.

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Ahh, yes. Never the same colour, as we foreign pals called it.

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Wayyy better than my Zooey-trope:


Or for $0 you can probably make a Filmcan Zoetrope with a pair of scissors and a pencil , as documented here


zoetrope = ye old timey animated gifs

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Old optical toys, the precursors of modern cinema, remain a source of great fun. There was a larger version of this Zoetrope put on the market in the early 1970s with the same image, but on a white box. On a visit to Paris decades ago, they had a large exhibit of early optical toys at, perhaps, the Musee D’Orsay and many reproductions for sale.

There is an innocence about them that delights.

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