Three national corporations control nearly all of San Francisco's live music

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If you’re looking for perfect plan to kill creativity, well there ya go.


This is also how offbeat, creative bands of an indeterminate genre end up with a distorto-garage-band live mix. Who gives a crap about music when there’s beer to be sold?


Is this supposed the monopoly guy or the peanut guy?

Just the free market, totally fine … why do ask? Are you communist?

I’d 1000x rather see a band in any of the still-independent clubs listed in the article:
DNA Lounge (800 capacity) & Above DNA (300 capacity)
Mezzanine (800 capacity, 21+)
Bimbo’s (680 capacity)
Elbo Room (600 capacity, 21+)
Neck of the Woods (500 capacity, 21+)
Public Works (500 capacity, 21+)
The Chapel (400 capacity)
Rickshaw Stop (350 capacity)
Cafe du Nord / Swedish American Hall (300 capacity)
Bottom of the Hill (250 capacity)
Brick and Mortar (250 capacity)
Bender’s (200 capacity, 21+)
Eagle Tavern (150 capacity, 21+)
El Rio (150 capacity, 21+)
Thee Parkside (100 capacity)
Milk Bar (100 capacity, 21+)
Hotel Utah (90 capacity, 21+)
Hemlock (80 capacity, 21+)


The USA is fucking awesome!

We find a model by which to consolidate mediocrity to generate huge volumes of short term cash while just dumping any kind of regard for aesthetic or artistic quality, or – fucking hell – moral high ground, you can bet we’ll just reproduce that model again and again until the bottom feeders are moneying their way to the top while buying out politicians and the FCC to lubricate the swift throbbing transfer of funds.

And look at the bountiful harvest! All of our entertainment and news media owned by a small handful of corporations! Privatized for-profit healthcare and prisons! The RIAA in all it’s glorious splendor! And now this!


Fuck yeah! We have arrived, people! Welcome to Trump’s America!


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Looks like just under half of those are all ages clubs… A great list of smaller clubs!

And sadly, say goodby to Hemlock. 80 person capacity must be for the bar not the music area.

On the plus side; it’s a great way to hear exactly the bands you learned to love from Clearchannel live in concert!

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