TikToker stays in Airbnb despite discovering occupant in crawlspace

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My guess is it’s the homeowner desperately trying to keep paying their mortgage. Or the homeowner has also rented out the crawl space desperately trying to make more money.


If Atlanta’s rental market is anything like Toronto’s, somebody’s probably paying about $2000 a month for that dingy crawlspace mattress.


Hopefully a homeless man.


A lot of things seem suspect with that video.
There are no grates on the crawl space vents and an open door on the other side?
The mattress is right out in the middle of the floor?
The concrete works looks relatively new, but maybe that’s lighting.

Maybe they had a crew in digging out the existing crawlspace and putting in concrete?
I’d be just as worried about animals getting in as a homeless person living in the crawlspace.

it’s not cool, but it’s not like crawlspace access means they have access to the living space inside the house.

not much different then staying at a hotel where you don’t know who is on any side of you.

terrible that there isn’t adequate housing/support for the homeless to find homes so they have to find alternate means of living like this though.


This does not surprise me, given how bad homelessness is right now. The median house price right now in the metro area (the 12 county area) is over 400,000, with rents pretty much over a grand all over - you can probably double that IN the city.

And yes, I KNOW it’s not as expensive as other cities, but we’re getting there and it’s clearly very bad for a lot of Atlantans right now on the lower end of the economic spectrum.


This is a story of people meeting their needs.

This access space was built to owner specifications – previous or current – not created by someone without a home to live in. No idea who is living there at the moment, but those air vents are carefully made, the entire floor is solid, the door to the yard would not be something that would be missed by the owner, so this isn’t a secret place or one that has been put together hard-scrabble.

My guess is that it’s a back-up location for the owner when the main house is rented out, if they don’t have somewhere else to go at that time.

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I lived in a house with just that kind of set up when I was a kid, up in North GA… I think they are just more common in the south…

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Hey could be worse, could be like the movie Barbarian (no spoilers, I recommend not even watching the trailer).

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