Tim Cook confirms: tech met with Trump to ask for billions in tax breaks

This link was the one behind "its R&D and its workforce training " in Corey’s post. Scroll down to the “What makes the iPhone so smart” bit.



Suggestion: Prior to reading any Trump-related news, make sure that a big bucket is by your side.


OMG. Is this going to be the new “selfie?” Not every photograph is a selfie and not every clickbaitey headline is fake news.

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Lies are fake news.

The headline, as well as the post from Cory, are untrue and are therefore fake news.

Invented facts are not “clickbait”, they’re lies.

(are people referring to photos of things other than themselves as ‘selfies’ now? that’s just… ignorant)


Thiel is too rich to worry about these laws.

Also is ThinkContext posting here a spambot?

Thanks for that. It still seems to me that the Apple tech was invented and developed by people who benefited from the social programs and infrastructure we U.S. taxpayers provide and to which Apple does not contribute.

I’ll just say it. Apple is a terrible company who is cynically ripping off the U.S. taxpayer, selling products made by sweatshop wage slaves who live and work in horrific conditions, and using the money they don’t pay in taxes to further extract income from the taxpayers via bonds. They should be boycotted and Apple device users should be shunned as being part of the problem, supporters of human rights violations, and a drain on our national resources.


I can’t speak for the rest of the filthy foreigners, but I’m staying out of the US for the next four years.

I mean, the last time I worked in the US it was through NAFTA, not H1-B, so it’s not entirely the situation you’re describing (and who knows what’s happening to NAFTA under Trump). But even under Obama, I was acutely aware that my stay in the US could be ended for arbitrary and capricious reasons with minimal notice.

With Trump in power, pretty much the only thing I can think of that would motivate me to relocate back to the US is if I literally couldn’t get a job here in Canada.


Where are you from, Canada? The UK? If so there is little motivation for you to come to the US. You have it just as good or even better, more or less. Someone from India might not share your pessimism.

I honestly don’t think they will screw with the H1-B stuff much because it makes rich people richer. They generally are able to hire skilled workers for less. Heck I honestly don’t think Trump will do much on illegal immigration, as I bet his hotels etc save money hiring illegals (this has been my theory on the Republican stance for awhile, they are mostly talk, as cheap labor who can’t even unionize is good for business to exploit.)

I am not intimately familiar with the process, but I know that it can be a huge pain. Conversely, I looked into working in the UK 15 years ago and it was like Noooopppeeee… probably not going to happen with my skill set.

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I’m Canadian - you’re right that being in Canada doesn’t leave you with the same kind of motivation to relocate that living in some other countries might. For me, the very best I could hope for would be maybe a 50% salary increase, which I don’t currently urgently need.

On the flip side, I’m a pretty generic looking cis straight white dude, so the stakes and risks are lower for me than for basically anyone else who might consider moving to the US.

You’re right that I can’t really imagine them messing too much with H1-B. NAFTA will be interesting - there was so much anti-mexico rhetoric that Trump might actually have to throw his base a bone on that stuff. Even without explicit changes to the H1-B, the pool of available applicants might thin out depending on what happens in the next couple years. If he continues anti-immigrant rhetoric, or if there’s a lot of highly visible anti-immigrant violence, I could imagine that people will be thinking twice about the trade-offs of coming to the US from, for example, India.

The only candidates recently that might have really done something about visas were Kucinich and maybe Sanders. Trump won’t.


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