Time for China's 13th 5 year plan!

And China made a song! What’s up with this?



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The shoo-fan wut?


I love how it has something to do with a Kombi.

Seriously though, it sure would be nice to live in a system that doesn’t ignore sensible planning in favour of pandering to fuckwits… I’m pretty sure it’s not necessary to crap all over human rights to do that.


You do have a point. There is a certain orderliness to Chinese government, apart from the abject horror that much of the constituency faces.

One of the interesting changes is that China is relaxing (or rather, continuing to relax) its one child policy. All couples will now be able to have two children.

I look forward to the Chinese Duggars’ shenanigans. Which won’t hold a candle to the American version, but still…

Is limiting people to two going to be enough to sort their inpending demographics problems? Are families going to be more likely to have a girl now?

Based on Chinese friends’ comments, that’s more likely anyway. There’s not the big financial difference in expected earnings that there used to be, and daughters seem to be more likely to stay near their parents and support them than sons. Weddings are also disproportionately expensive for the man’s side of the family, and this is made worse by the demographic imbalance.

ETA: having been to a few orphanages in the city I lived in, there weren’t all that many healthy girls - most kids of both sexes seemed to have some kind of disability, while healthy kids of both sexes were more likely to find homes.


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