Time in a bell-jar, with knobs on


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Hmm, it doesn’t look like any of those knobs, dials and switches actually do anything. Nice jar, though.

I’m sorry, but WTF?

Crame a bunch of random dials, valves, springs, coils and various other doohickeys under a glass dome and call it steampunk (and charge 1600 bucks I note for one model). If you go to the site and look at gallery pictures, you can see that bog standard 5-buck digital quartz movement stuck to the back of the clock dial.

This is truly pop art because it’s all form and bugger all function.

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Nothing wrong with form, if you happen to be amused by the form. Art is always worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.

Besides, there’s a long tradition of illusion clocks that appear to be perpetual motion or driven by air pressure fluctuation or whatever but are actually disguised traditional movements. So this is arguably better justified than most steampunk assemblages, including some with more “real” function.

If you can really see the actual mechanism, I’m disappointed; it should probably be better disguised.

I’m liking this post for the simple reason that people just don’t use the word doohickeys enough.

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