Time Warner Cable: Sorry guys but data from up to 320,000 customers probably stolen

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Passwords being gathered via phishing is hardly TWC’s fault. If there really was no breach this is a non-story.

It wasn’t just phishing, that’s just part of their blame mitigation, like ‘Well, it wasn’t OUR servers.’ They gave the info to some third party who got hacked, or maybe it was RoadRunner itself.

I got a notification of this on an email account I haven’t used in ten years, and I never click email links.


I’ve had an account I hardly ever used hacked, and it had a pretty tough password. It just started mailing out viruses one day. The account had no address book, but the viruses went to people who had sent me mail in the past. Changing the password did not help. It was clear to me the service provider had been hacked, but of course they blamed me.


I hate the way Time Warner redirects any non properly formed URLs!! they shunt you into “DNSrsearch” which is their search engine? so they’re basically stealing pageviews off your typing mistake, wtf?! and if you type certain keywords like “hats” or “shoes” , those will resolve to actual domains - so they’re clearly selling access to these keywords allowing third parties to tap into their endless stream of (basically stolen) pageviews…!!! just screams illegal to me, does anyone else hate this?


You don’t have to use TWC’s intentionally broken DNS. Change your DNS settings to point to a server that doesn’t do that.


Yeah but you shouldn’t have to know how to do that, and what percentage of their subscriber-base could or does? I was forced to diable it for myself after their “unsubscribe” feature continually reset itself and it was alot harder than i expected so i just put a line in my hosts file to block dnsrsearch itself and resolve to nothing.

Their stolen pageviews are one thing but also they effectively log where their subscribers are going to, the hits on their “dnsrsearch” bullshit-page = mispelled domains of where that subscriber really is browsing…


That’s happened to me twice, and I’m ‘on warning’ that if it happens again they’re going to terminate my service, which would really stink since the phone company no longer has copper to my house.

Nobody should have to fight for their rights in a just society.

We gotta get us one of those somehow…


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