Tiny lego typewriter


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Now all it needs is a tiny bottle of jack and a view of the ocean from a grungy one room apartment.


What? No Arduino? No 3d printer? The thing doesn’t even come with a ukulele?


Wait’ll you see the cake-mod wifi-antenna remix that the EFF has put together in partnership with Disney. Lifetime subscription is 75% off in the BB Store!


I’ll be really impressed if it can turn into a Lego insect-oid.


The best part of Lego Lunch is when Bill Lee accidentally steps on his Lego typewriter in bare feet and spends the next solid hour cussing.


10 likes for that one.


All of Legoland is just grist for the mill…



If you like micro-scale Lego designs check out these modular theme park submissions over at Lego Ideas.

My favorites:

Roller Coaster

Viking Ship

River Ride


Just look at it.


Now i want a Campbell’s soup can in lego


Also, this website:


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