Tired of marketers stealing your data? Winston can protect your home's internet traffic

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How is this thing supposed to prevent browser fingerprinting?

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Unless it receives regular, frequent updates, it will have little value within a year.

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Winston always had the best filters, at least that’s what the magazine/tv ads said back in the day, so I expect these filters to work well too.


I’d think that it can’t if the fingerprinting is via scripting at the first party site. But I think most tracking is done via scripts called from 3d party urls, and those can be blocked. But as jeddak points out the service would really need to be on top of the blocklisting. Or people could use uBlock origin and Ghostery (the latter has its own potential privacy issues, though) for free.

Still sounds sketchy, though.

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You can bet that Winston is tracking and selling your data

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So… It’s a pi-hole with some sort of proprietary TOR clone?

For $179, you could buy a Raspberry Pi and pay the neighbor kid to set it up and still have $100 left over.

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The value-add on this thing is that it blocks for all apps on all devices, not just your browser, even things like smart TVs and phones.

But yeah, unless there are periodic updates, it’s going to get obsolete fast.

I use uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

For my (Android) phone, I use Block-This. It sets up a local VPN on the phone and blocks all ads in all apps. Recommended. You have to download and install it yourself, because for some reason, Google won’t let it into the play store…

Ooooh, another magic VPN box. Sign me up. :roll_eyes:


Aah, you beat me to it.

As Steven Wright has said, it is impressive that after all these years the Stones are still active.

Interesting that it only seems to work if you have a separate modem and router. Is that still a thing?

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